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Product Name: Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate (APSM)
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Inorganic salts
Product spec: detergent grade
Packing: 25 kgs per bag
Post Time: 2021-08-26
Usage: APSM is used for detergent powder making, replacing zeolite
Description: Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate (APSM) EINECS No.: 239-981-7 HS code: 38249999.99 Specification: Item Standard Appearance White powder Ca exchange capacity (CaCO3),mg/g 330 min Mg exchange capacity (MgCO3),mg/g 340 min Particle size (20 mesh sieve) , % 90 min Whiteness, % 90 min pH, (0.1% aq., 25°C) 11.0 max Water insolubles, % 1.5 max Water, % 5.0 max Na2O+SiO2,% 77 min Bulk density g/ml 0.30-0.55 Packing: 25kgs net in plastic woven bag with inner plastic film bag 40HQ loading: 27.5 mts max Characteristics: 1. The Ca/Mg sequestrability of APSM is higher than 4A zeolite and close to STPP. 2. APSM has good compatibility with detergent agents, particularly non-ionic surfactants. It has moderate detergency when used individually. 3. easily dissolves in water, Excellent water solubility (>15g/100ml). 4. Excellent penetrating, emulsifying, suspending, anti-settling and pH buffering properties. 5. High whiteness 6. APSM can significantly improve fluidity of stock liquid (pre-drying) and allowhigher solid content, thus reduce energy cost. 7. Ideal surrogate for 4A zeolite. Application: APSM is widely used in washing-powder/detergent/printing/dyeing auxiliary agent / textile auxiliary agent industries.
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